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Dec 25th 2019
Merry Christmas Everybody!
(Here's a Christmas gift for all Spectrum NEXT owners and fans)
The Paradise Games Elves have been working hard to create this fun little suprise gift
for all you Spectrum NEXT fans to play on Christmas morning....






'Santa's Chimney Challenge' is for real Spectrum NEXT hardware, or for playing in the CSpect emulator!
Just click on the SD Card above to download it for free!
(You can also find it in the GAMES/NEXT/ directory on any new NEXT machine!)


Simply open 'SantasPressie.nex' in CSpect by using F2 for 'open file' or
use the browser to load 'SantasPressie.nex' on real hardware!


(To play using a joystick, please set your joystick setting to 'Sinclair 2' and then press 'SPACE' to start)


Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year from all of us at Paradise Games!
May 5th 2019
Work on Abductor continues!
(Developing this new game title for the ZX Spectrum NEXT)
More late night pixelling and coding are adding plenty of extra elements to the game!
'Dominion Games' now has a proper logo! And.. we now have a much larger UFO ingame!
March 25th 2019
A NEXT Project!
(A new game for the ZX Spectrum NEXT)
Paradise Games are proud to announce we are working on a new project!
Collaborating with 'Dominion Games', we are creating a game for the new ZX Spectrum Next computer,
titled: ' A B D U C T O R '.
More information soon!
September 28th 2012
Inferno is now FREE for IOS!
Thanks to all the comments and feedback we have received about Inferno on IOS. We've made some updates behind the scenes and are now very pleased to be able to offer INFERNO as a completely FREE application for IOS, supported by iAd. Available in the IOS AppStore right now, this update also allows sharing of GameCenter features with the new Mac OSX version of the game, so you can compete against friends on Mac platforms too!
P L A Y   I N F E R N O   F O R   F R E E
We have also added support for the iPod/iPhone Joypad app to INFERNO, so you can play both the IOS and OSX versions of INFERNO using another iPod/iPhone as the controller, wirelessly! The Joypad app is a FREE download from the AppStore, available now!
Get INFERNO from the App Store! Get INFERNO from the App Store
September 28th 2012
INFERNO for Mac OS X !
You asked, we listened
Today we're pleased to announce that Inferno is now available for Mac OS X via the Apple Mac App store! Keyboard controls are back (retro ZXKM layout and cursors) and operates in both windowed and full screen mode. Play this on a new retina MacBook Pro and experience the graphics at over eight times the resolution of the original game! Requires OSX Mountain Lion, to provide support for Game Center.
August 16th 2011
INFERNO on the XBOX 360!
Retro on the console!
The Xbox team at Archifishal Software have ported the original version of INFERNO over to the Xbox 360!
Get it at the XBox Live Marketplace
Get INFERNO from the Marketplace! Get INFERNO from the Marketplace!
June 5th 2011
New INFERNO Trailer!
Our new video trailer for Inferno is now out on YouTube
Check out a video preview below showing some highlights of Inferno in action, and keep up to date with Paradise Games releases and Inferno updates by following us on Twitter (@Paradise_Games) or on Facebook ( We're listening to all your great feedback!
Get INFERNO from the App Store! Get INFERNO from the App Store
June 1st 2011
INFERNO out today on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.
We're proud to announce our first ever iPhone game release!
Inferno is a frantic arcade shoot-em-up, where you must battle to put out the burning core of a nuclear power plant against the clock! Can you avoid the malfunctioning security systems and get out in time?
Get INFERNO from the App Store! Get INFERNO from the App Store
May 31st 2011
A Sneak Peek!
Work in progress screenshots of our first iPhone game!
We thought we'd show you a little of what we've been working on behind the scenes here at Paradise. Inferno will be our very first iPhone title, and it's shaping up nicely with over 20 action packed areas, full GameCenter support, tons of bonuses & just a few hidden surprises!
We're planning on it being a universal App too, so get your iPods, iPads and iPhones fired up and ready!
Keep up to date with Paradise Games via Twitter and Facebook!
For any support enquires for Inferno please email:
Inferno was co-developed and published by emobix Ltd
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