Saville 25" CRT RGB SCART TV


Used Saville branded 25" TV. Don't let the oddball brand throw you, this is a nice size
4:3 retro gaming screen if you want something a bit beefier than the usual 19" & 21" TVs.
It also has really nice large bassy stereo speakers.


It is used and has plenty of marks around the outer casing, however the tube is nice and clear
with no burn at all. The RGB SCART in on the rear makes it very nice for 50hz PAL & 60hz NTSC.


Not sure on value, so looking for valuations.












Just the SCART input of interest on the rear really. It is RGB in though!



As you can see the inbuilt speakers are much larger than the usual tiny things seen on most
consumer TVs. Security anchor also included!




There are a few marks along the front edge (remains of writing, some scratches).
The front flap no longer stays closed on it's own.



Controls are quite basic, on the far right is a master on/off switch (no idea why).
Once the TV is on standby (Red LED showing on left) press the C/P button to show image / program.
Other controls are volume, onscreen settings (brightness, colour temp, contrast etc..) and the tuning menus.