Nov 2017
Paradise Games' Pop-Up Mini Retro Arcade!
A real mini-arcade that can pop up at your event!
Have you ever wanted to host a retro-gaming or arcade themed party, or feature an arcade machine at your big event but been put off by the cost and hassle of buying in or organising the rental of arcade machines?


Are you limited by space, or lack wide building entrances to move equipment in and out?


All these problems are solved with our bespoke pop-up mini arcade!

Paradise Games Mini Cabinets
Our experience & our arcade machines


With a 20-year history in videogame development and a passion for retro-gaming and the arcades of the 1980's and 1990's, we have spent the last few years restoring and collecting authentic arcade machines.

We specialise in the conversion of miniature Japanese arcade cabinets, so that they can play a wide range of real arcade games from years gone by.


Originally designed as card dispensing machines to appeal to children, these cabinets have a small-sized charm all of their own. They can be easily transported, fit through standard doorways (unlike full size arcade machines!), and can be situated easily in a location without dominating the floor space.


Upcoming Events & Dates ...


19th & 20th May 2018 - Revival Generation X 2018


We're very happy to once again be a part of the fantastic Revival retro gaming show in the Midlands.
This time we are planning something rather special!




Summer 2018 - To be announced!
A special Retro Gaming event is in the planning!



Our Previous Events



Nov 2017 - Rocket Jump @ G-Live, Guildford

Our mini-arcade once again hit the road and appeared at the Rocket Jump G-Live event in Guildford,
supporting the UK & Guildford games industry!
The cabinets were crowded for the whole event, with plenty of game developers getting cosy to enjoy
some retro two-player action!



Sep 2017 - 'The Arcade Experience' @ The Cambridge Museum Of Computing History



As the summer ended our mini-arcade was revealed for this fantastic late night event in Cambridge.
In a truly fascinating venue, we helped to recreate the atmosphere of the 1980's arcade, complete with
low lighting, synthwave electro-pop tunes, 1980's films projected on the ceiling, pizza and plentiful alcohol!




May 2017 - Revival: The Rivals 2017



In early summer we took part for the first time in the retro-fueled celebration that is Revival: The Rivals 2017
in the Midlands.
Our dedicated Wonder Boy machine was unveiled at the show, and got a lot of attention from arcade collectors and retro gameplaying fans alike - despite being dwarfed by the massive 1980's cabinets around it!
The weekend culminated in a high-score contest on the machine (the winner achieved over 600,000 points).



Cabinet Configurations!


We can offer a variety of arcade cabinets to best suit your event and location!


Anything from a single cabinet, up to a four in a row arrangement placed side by side.
Two or four machines can also be faced back-to-back in a 'Versus' competition arrangement.



A single cabinet

Paradise Games Mini Cabinets



Two alongside eachother (dual arrangement)

Paradise Games Mini Cabinets



A full row of four machines

Paradise Games Mini Cabinets


Specs & Space Requirements



All our machines are fully working units, complete with original 1980's CRT screens, audio amplifiers and working coin entry mechanisms with illuminated entry panels (for that authentic arcade experience!).


All machines are set to free-play for events.



For each of the machines, a single UK mains wall socket is required (240 volts AC).



Each machine is roughly half a meter wide by 65cm deep. They stand at 1m 25cm tall.


This is the perfect size for kids to stand at, & we recommend that adult players sit on arcade stools to play
(we can supply these).

So for a dual-mini cabinet arrangement as pictured above, a floor footprint of roughly 1m x 1m is ideal.


For just a single cabinet only 50cm width is required. Again around 1m is required from the back of
the machine (ie. a wall) in order to allow a player to sit down and play in comfort.


Paradise Games Mini Cabinets

Special Requests?



As you can see, we are able to customise each machine to suit the game of your choice or the
number of player controls required.


This includes:

  • Single Player Control Panels
  • Two Player Control Panels
  • Link-up play between two cabinets side by side (two players)
  • Versus play between two cabinets back-to-back (two players)
  • Custom game artwork around the cabinet monitor


Just let us know what you are after, and we'll see if we can make it happen for you!


 Our games


We have an ever growing library of arcade game hardware dating from the early eighties to the late 1990's and can fit any of our games into our mini-cabinets based on your preferences or party theme!

So whether you're into Neo Geo, Capcom, Sega, or Williams, Taito, Konami or Tekhan we'll have a game for you!


We have many hundreds of game titles to chose from, including multi-boards that feature a number of games in one unit:



Here's a rundown on some of our favourites:



Tetris (kids / teen / adult)


The original and all time classic puzzle game from Atari. Spin and drop random block shapes to make horizontal lines, which will then crumble and disappear. The Atari version is considered the best version in the arcade as it introduced various different levels and bonus targets, together with interesting challenges such as blocks that appear in your way, or a play-field that slowly rises as the game progresses!




Wonder Boy (kids / teen / adult)


One of the classic SEGA games from the 1980's, Wonder Boy is simple platforming fun at its best. Controlling the caveman-like Wonder boy and armed with just a stone-age axe you need to fight off insects, snakes and more to rescue your equally cute girlfriend. Before too long you're riding a skateboard, jumping above cloud topped
oceans and dodging rolling boulders in ice caves!




Wonderboy III: Monster Lair (kids / teen / adult)


One of the sequels to the original Wonderboy game, Sega blended platforming action and scrolling shoot em up elements in this colourful yet frantic adventure. Two players can play co-operatively this time round!




Pang (kids / teen / adult)


A fantastically simple puzzle game, easy to pick up but hard to master! Mitchell's Pang has you popping bubbles with harpoon guns! When you hit one it splits, and again and again until the screen is filled with tons of tiny bubbles - too many to handle! Numerous power-ups and weapons keep the bubble-bursting fun!




Spin Master - Miracle Adventure  (kids / teen / adult)


Running on the SNK Neo Geo system, Spin Master is a cute and colourful cartoon side-scroller. This platform game has you swinging a yoyo to despatch an endless stream of oncoming enemies. Huge bosses and lots of variety mean this game is humorous and fun!




Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy (kids / teen / adult)


Running on the SNK Neo Geo system, Top Hunter is a scrolling platform shooter where you must battle 'Space Pirates' with masses of cartoon charm, power-ups and comedy moments. Large character graphics and the ability to jump 'in and out' of the action makes this game a hidden gem in the Neo Geo collection.




Rod-Land (kids / teen / adult)


Another fantastic two player puzzle platformer for the kids! Cute colorful fun collecting fruit and flowers, while bopping enemies over the head with magic wands!




Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (teen / adult)


Running on the SNK Neo Geo system, Metal Slug is a military themed horizontally scrolling platform shooter. Packed full of humorous animation and crazy weapon and machine designs, it is widely regarded as having some of the most detailed pixel game artwork ever made!




Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II (teen / adult)


Running on the SNK Neo Geo system, Metal Slug 2 is a military themed horizontally scrolling platform shooter, and the sequel to the massively popular first game. Extended with a choice of players, more varied missions to battle through and even more crazy military hardware, this one is always a blast!




Demon Front (teen / adult)


Running on the IGS PGM system, Demon Front is stunningly beautiful horizontally scrolling platform shooter. Like the Metal Slug games, it packs masses of detail into a game that at first seems like an average military themed shooter, before too long becoming a fight to the teeth with demons, monsters, and all things crazy and mystical!




Robocop (teen / adult)


Based on the late 80's film, Robocop was a huge hit in the arcades. Play as Officer Murphy and fight your way through the Detroit Badlands, fighting the robotic ED-209 and more! This one is a very tough cookie to master - for advanced players only!




Pandora's Box (kids / teen / adult)


Can't decide on a game? Then Pandora's Box is the answer.


Containing 645 games selectable from a menu system, this has masses of games for any retro arcade party, from Pac Man and Donkey Kong, Ghosts & Goblins and Bubble Bobble, right up to Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, and recent bulletstorm vertical shoot-em-ups like Espgaluda.


The trade-off for the masses of games is that not all of the titles replicate the arcade experience perfectly -
vertical screen games are played in small shrunken centre section of the full 4:3 CRT screen for instance.


You can view the full games list here.


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